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Plenary Speakers


Plenary Speakers


February 21 │National Cheng Kung University, Tainan │ 10:00-11:30

“Our Common Future” Depends on What We Do Now!

JOHN D. SPENGLER, Harvard University, Massachusetts, United States

Prof. Spengler is the Akira Yamaguchi Professor of Environmental Health and Human Habitation at the Harvard School of Public Health and director of the sustainability and environmental management program at the Harvard Extension School. He has conducted research in the areas of personal monitoring, air pollution health effects, indoor air pollution, and a variety of environmental sustainability issues. Prof. Spengler established the Harvard Green Campus Initiative in 2000. He chaired the university-wide committee on Harvard sustainability principles; served on Harvard's Greenhouse Gases Taskforce to develop the university's carbon reduction goals and strategies; and is a member of Harvard's Greenhouse Gases Executive Committee.


February 22 │National Cheng Kung University, Tainan │ 08:30-10:00

The Journey to Sustainable Development: Charting a Gender Responsive Course

NANCY D. LEWIS, East-West Center, Hawaii, United States

Prof. Lewis is the Director of the Research Program at the East-West Center in Honolulu and Professor Emeritus at the University of Hawaii. Her research has revolved around the intersection between health and the environment, health and development, gender, the health risks associated with climate change and globalization, health and human security. Nancy has long been associated with the Pacific Science Association (PSA), a regional, interdisciplinary science organization, and she currently serves as PSA president. Nancy holds MA and PhD degrees in Geography, and an interdisciplinary MS in Health and Medical Science from the University of California, Berkeley. She has received a number of grants, fellowships and awards, is the author of numerous professional publications, and has served as a consultant to national and international organizations.




February 24 │ National Dong Hwa University, Hualien │ 10:00-11:30

Deep Decarbonization in Taiwan

YUAN-TSEH LEE, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

Prof. Lee is an alumnus of the University of California, Berkeley and was previously on the UC Berkeley faculty in the Department of Chemistry. Together with Dudley Herschbach and John Polanyi, he received a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1986 for their studies on the dynamics of fundamental chemical processes. Professor Lee left for Taipei in 1994 to be the President of Academia Sinica, the highest academic institution in Taiwan. Since 2006, he becomes the President Emeritus and Distinguished Research Fellow at the same institution.



February 25 │ Academia Sinica, Taipei│ 13:00-14:30

Building Healthy Living Culture by all!

WEN-HARN PAN, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

Prof. Pan holds the Ph.D. degree in Nutrition Epidemiology from Cornell University. Her research contributions have been on dietary and genetic factors contributing to the development of cardiovascular diseases. She initiated a longitudinal community cohort study on cardiovascular disease development and led the Nutrition and Health Survey in Taiwan in the past 20 years. Currently, her research topics include hypertension and obesity genomics, metabolomics research of foods and metabolic diseases, dietary therapy, community-based health intervention and promotion. She received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Asia Pacific Clinical Nutrition Society in 2010 and the Outstanding Technology Contribution Award from Taiwan Executive Yuan in 2015.